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Marc Broccoli, Maketing Leader, Marketing Consultant

With a wide-ranging career that spans 30 years, I've spearheaded dynamic marketing teams, translating brand vision into cross-functional strategies that consistently achieve business objectives.


My expertise lies in driving Marketing Communication, Go-To-Market Strategy and Campaigns, Brand Identity, and Strategic Planning.

  • Consulting
  • Contracting
  • Full Time Position



  • Demonstrated success in translating Brand Vision into highly effective cross-functional strategies, consistently achieving business objectives.

  • Proven track record of developing and implementing Differentiated Marketing Communication Strategies to drive brand success.

  • Expertise in leveraging consumer insights to create actionable Traditional and Digital Marketing Plans that deliver exceptional results.

  • Extensive experience in both Global and Local roles, showcasing versatility in global brand equity leadership and local market management.

  • Accomplished in Agency Management, collaborating with CEOs and business leaders to drive revenue growth.

  • Recognised for being an Effective and Collaborative Leader, guiding diverse teams in direct and indirect leadership capacities.

  • Boasts a wide network of valuable contacts in Canada and the US, facilitating successful business partnerships and opportunities.

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